Frequently Asked Questions

Commissioning a Pipe

Can I commission a custom pipe?

We love commissions ! Contact me by email or phone at (214)537-5267 and we will get started on your next new pipe.

How are your stems made ?

All of my stems are Hand Cut from solid Rodstock. The majority of my tenons are Delrin/Acetal rods. I don't have a problem with integral tenons, but I prefer Delrin for its buttery smooth feel when inserted in the mortise, and its consistent diameter from one pipe to the next. The Ebonite and Cumberland I use is from Germany, and is my preferred material for creating beautiful and comfortable hand made stems. I also use acrylic from time to time, and this is always an option on commissioned work.

What are your prices?

I want my pipes to represent a great value for the level of quality I can provide, and I try to price them much lower than I could (should?) ask. At the moment, my pipes start out around $250 and go as high as $450 for the best of my smooth pipes.

What kind of Briar do you use ?

I use both Italian and Algerian Briar.

What size tobacco chambers ?

Well it depends. The majority of my pipes will have bowls around .75" give or take. If you have a preferred size, I can drill anything from .70" to 1" plus. In general, smaller diameters work well for Virginias, while pipes approaching 1" are most often sought after by those who enjoy Aromatics and English blends. The shape of the chamber will also effect how a pipe smokes a particular blend. Most of my pipes will have a round bottom tobacco chamber, though Cuttys and Dublins will almost always be drilled with a pointy, Conical chamber. This shape of bowl is often sought after for Virginia Flakes, though I enjoy most any tobacco with this shape of bowl In my experience, any tobacco may be enjoyed in any sized bowl, but these rules often hold true.