Back to work !

Back to work !

As many of you know, 2013 was a tough year here. While struggling to grow with my work and get a new business off the ground, our family suffered the loss of our Father as well as a Sister and I also lost one of my best friends all within six months of one another. To say it was quite a blow to deal with is an understatement.

Unfortunately my work and production suffered as well. I apologize to all who have waited extraordinary amounts of time for commissioned work, and to those who have frequented the website looking for Available pipes, only to find a blank space.

2013 is long gone and I am happy to say the wheels are turning once again at Alden Pipes.

I'm back to work in a retooled and remodeled shop, and the Pipes are better than ever. I'm looking forward to the summer Pipe Shows and looking forward to keeping up with updates here at the Website. 

So thanks again to all who have patiently waited, hope to see many of you this year in Chicago, Kansas City, Columbus, Richmond and Vegas.


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